Head Space

by Blessed State

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    Recorded and Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato Summer 2013
    Mastered by Carl Saff Fall 2013. All songs by Blessed State.

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Released on Safety Meeting Records


released 24 June 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato Summer 2013
Mastered by Carl Saff Fall 2013. All songs by Blessed State.



-Monday 10/27 @ The Whitney House Hartford CT with Purling Hiss, The Mountain Movers, Worn Leather

-Friday 11/7 @ Panty Haus, New Haven CT with Sneeze, Raw Blow, Left & Right, Spit-Take

-Saturday 11/8 @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Brooklyn NY with Iron Chic, Beach Slang, Collect Yourself

-Tuesday 11/11 @ UMASS Amherst, Amherst MA with Left & Right, Sexy Girls, Derive, Creature Comforts

-Thursday 12/11 @ Cafe Nine, New Haven CT with Dead Wives



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Track Name: Yr Language
Itʼs never easy to explain
All we ever want is to go away
Somehow its harder than itʼs been
To feel a sense of comfort in your own skin
Turn my brain off and float away
It doesnʼt last though, it never does
Return to normal, through all the fog
Turn it off and go away
But there we are, standing by
Waiting for the next time
Be that person you never were
But lead yourself to believe you should always be
Track Name: Best Case Scenario
I just couldnʼt put my finger on what it was
But I had this feeling Iʼd be going away
How do we keep up with this now?
Plan for the worst, hope for the very best
Donʼt know what to do without you right here
I know it hurts but this isnʼt all there is
We make these changes with the best intentions
Track Name: Live Action
Why canʼt I talk to you?
Why canʼt you say whatʼs on your mind?
Canʼt help but wonder of the role I play
Friend or foe, who knows? Continue anyway
What keeps you from being at ease with yourself?
What keeps me from resolution?
That confidence is just a facade
The worldʼs worst secret, at least now itʼs clear
Perhaps thatʼs why weʼre friends so bound
We truly share more than youʼll ever know
Track Name: Legacy
Lessons in the past, can they speak to me?
Learn and hide all at once while the walls are closing in
This is not forever, no matter how hard I try
Instill fear and terror while another day goes by
Take comfort in tomorrow or watch it slip away
A time and place for everything, empowered & defeated
Frightened & motivated, wisdom for another day
Lessons in today, what can you tell me?
Your presence brings me comfort, if only I could explain
This is not forever, no matter how hard I try
Thoughts of what will be tomorrow, losing sight of today
This is life in the moment, mistaken as carefree
Lessons for tomorrow, what can I tell you?
A relic long forgotten, contradicting all you knew
This is not forever, no matter how hard I try
Maybe youʼll make more of it, let me know if you succeed
Take solace in the past, no method for you too
Track Name: Head Space
Weʼre stuck in a city that we thought we knew
All the boarded up ideas detract from what we do
You know what they say, itʼs just the way it is
The place we wander to is ours and ours alone
Traveling lost and free, no method and no creed
Never know the faces of all those walking by
Keep everything hidden, motive in short supply
Itʼs like you said, weʼll never learn
Weʼre stuck, me and you, and thereʼs nothing we can do
This anxious fear inside is too much to hide
No talk & no creed
Track Name: Wiser
Interchanging parts, comfortable locale
How can this be so close yet so far?
Youʼll get no argument from me
But it hurts when you show your sense of direction
(It) seems so off but Iʼll see you next time I go by
Now left to decide how the story goes
With a traitor in our midst
Track Name: Ghost Front
The wall outside my window grows a little bit each day
Never sure what to think or know what to say
Just canʼt shake the feeling this might all just slip away
Have to keep on fighting if the will remains
Status quo, nothingʼs changed
Getting hard to see anything
Go on each day, think that this is living
What next when you wake up and see that wall
At the skyline, never ending? What can I do now?
The greatest joke I told was that I could keep trying unencumbered by apathy
Live every day with apathy, every night with apathy
Track Name: New Normal
Theyʼll never know what to think
Donʼt understand, and thatʼs fine Itʼs ok
Theyʼll never see it coming
But we donʼt care, just you and me on our way
Hey you talk to us without those rolled eyes or that smirk
At least you know whatʼs up next, it the only thing we can be sure of
I just really want you to know that this means the world to me